Chicago Spanish School

Chicago, Illinois, is the country’s 3rd largest city, with almost three million residents. Its beautiful skyline is located in Cook County adjacent to Lake Michigan. It is home to numerous professional sports teams including the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bulls, and Chicago Bears, and is also a financial hub as site of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Over one-quarter of the population is of Hispanic or Latino background, with over 610,000 residents speaking Spanish in the home. Chicago’s Mexican hub is known as “La Villita” and is found on 26th Street.

If it’s Latino culture you’re seeking, Chicago is host to the annual Chicago Latino Film Festival, which highlights new films from the best upcoming directors around the country. It’s a special chance to mix your love for cinema with exploration of Latino life and concerns going on in the community. Additionally, the International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago provides a great resource for anyone interested in Latino culture.

Major employers in the city of Chicago include Boeing, Orbitz, United Airlines, US Robotics, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Companies like these are always looking for bilingual candidates to help grow their business. In a diverse, major city like Chicago, the benefits of bilingualism can begin today.

What makes you interested in learning Spanish? How do you want to use your newfound bilingualism in the community of Chicago? If you’ve got ideas, we’d love to hear them. Just take a minute of your time to send us some feedback by filling out the form at the right of the page.